General info


Company management:

  • Rade Debak – CEO
  • Zlatko Crnković – Authorized Officer
  • Tomislav Husnjak – Authorized Officer

We have been running a successful business with over 60 years of tradition and experience, which is exceptional even outside the borders of our country. Years of experience and expertise of our project engineers ensure reliability, coherence and functionality of our projects and solutions defined, realized and maintained with the use of the latest achievements in information technology.


Our references and experience refer to a range of program solutions, from classic business-financial, production-technological, integrated production-business systems, to solutions for the support to the decision-making process, especially in the field of road management.

It is important to emphasize that our long experience and references in the establishment of a modern, efficient, computer-supported system of road network management in the Republic of Croatia places us at the very top of project offices in Republic of Croatia. Also, our specific expertise and solutions in road management has been recognized thus implemented in other regional countries.

We recognized the role and importance of GIS technology early on, not only in the field of manipulation and visualization of spatial planning, but also as an ideal tool for system integration and support to the decision-making system within integral information systems.

GIS as a “mainstream”, not as an autonomous system, is the cornerstone of our philosophy of GIS technology development and implementation.


Relying on our company’s long tradition, as well as on new technologies, methods and principles, our project team develops all stages of turn-key computerization of business systems: analysis, design, development, implementation, customer training, system and software maintenance.

We keep abreast of the latest developments in technology by constantly investing in knowledge, education of our employees, equipment, as well as by following the dynamic development of information technology. This enables us to meet all the demands of our users.

We rely on the very best of program equipment producers and, to mutual satisfaction, have the status of:

  • Oracle Gold Partner

Besides commercial products, we also use open source technologies which brings new quality and flexibility to our solution, with price benefits.


In our concept of continued care for our users and integrity of our solutions, special emphasis is paid to user support with the goal of making our program solutions fully functional to the satisfaction of us, project engineers, and users of our solutions.
User support in all stages of development, implementation and production are the basic elements of confidence we inspire, as well as of mutual satisfaction of success.


In keeping with our desire to prove worthy of the confidence of our clients by providing a complete service, continued education of both our designers and users presents a cornerstone of our success.