Code of Conduct

Antitrust and Competition Laws

The ban of association for the purpose of hindering competition is defined in the provisions of the Public Procurement Act. These provisions facilitate market competition, guaranteeing the best offer for contracting authorities.

TEB Informatika d.o.o. will in no case participate in arrangements with other tenderers for price control, preferential treatment of a tenderer by withdrawing its tender or by sending a non-competitive tender, or in a market division or customer allocation arrangement.

Improper Payments, Money Laundering, and Economic Boycotts

TEB Informatika d.o.o. will in no case be involved in any corruptive practices offering, providing or promising gifts or other benefits for exerting influence on a responsible person in relation to the public procurement procedure or the performance of another contract, nor will it mediate in offering, providing or promising gifts to an official or responsible person.

TEB Informatika d.o.o. fully complies with the provisions of the Criminal Code prohibiting money laundering, which includes concealing and canalizing of illegally obtained money or its investment into legal funds.

The above provisions apply to Government and Public Sector employees or officials, political parties or candidates for political functions, wholly or partially State Owned Enterprises, as well as employees of privately held companies and Oracle employees.

TEB Informatika d.o.o. may not participate or offer information which facilitate or support any economic boycott not sanctioned by the US-Government.

Dealing with Government

In public procurement procedures or in contracting with the Government or with State Owned Enterprises, TEB Informatika d.o.o. and its employees will in no case try to directly or indirectly obtain confidential and not publicly available information relating to other tenderers and their tenders and to the work and decisions of the tender evaluation committee.

During the contract term, TEB Informatika d.o.o. will issue invoices in accordance with valid laws and contractual obligations regulating accuracy, dynamics and payment.

TEB Informatika d.o.o. will in no case give or offer, directly or indirectly, any money, gift, service, loan or any valuables to any employee or official of the Government or of State Owned Enterprises, in accordance with valid laws.

For the purpose of compliance with the above mentioned provisions, TEB Informatika d.o.o. carries out internal controls and makes its employees and co-operators familiar with the provisions regulating the treatment of information about the Government or State Owned Enterprises /employees of the Government or State Owned Enterprises, and enforces confidentiality obligations via employment agreements, confidentiality statements, internal rules or in other legally binding ways.

TEB Informatika d.o.o. will in no case seek to gain, directly or indirectly, a preferential position relating to any transaction.

Lobbying of Government Officials

With regard to the cooperation with Government officials and officials of State Owned Enterprises, TEB Informatika d.o.o. and its employees may not participate in any activity or seek to influence valid regulations, rules and laws relating to tenders and business development, as well as its relations to Oracle.

Trade Compliance Laws and Regulations

TEB Informatika d.o.o. undertakes to fully comply with any and all valid US trade laws regulating import, export, re-export and use of US goods and technical data regardless of the location.

The application of these laws and regulations prevents and provides that technology, data, information, programs and materials as product of services and/or direct products are not imported or exported, directly or indirectly, or used contrary to law.