Road recording

Road recording is performed with specialized vehicles equipped with a set of high resolution cameras and devices for the precise determination of the absolute and relative position in space (GPS, Dead Reckoning, odometer). The result is creation of a georeferenced video footage with the sub meter accuracy of determining position in space. We offer the following types of recording:

  • Sferical recording
  • Classical recording
  • Stereoscopic recording

Data acquisition and processing

Our data acquisition and processing service enables you to quickly and precisely update your information systems and databases with up-to-date data. Data acquisition and processing is conducted for following data groups:

  • Road spatial geometry
  • Road equipment
  • Facilities, Service objects, Road belt
  • Crossroads, Crossings, Side roads
  • Customized datasets (based on special customer request)


Software solutions offered through our “Cloud” taking into account following advantages of SaaS principles:

  • Reduced investment costs
  • Monthly lease payment
  • No additional hidden expenses (for hardware, maintenance, backup)


Software products and solutions require specialized knowledge and expertise when working with them. Therefore, it is our business policy that for all our software products and solutions we provide specialized educational services. Training service ensures understanding of functionalities in order to use applications as well as technical knowledge to understand the technology that drives our products. Training is conducted in the following technologies and products:

  • Intergraph GeoMedia
  • Road Management System

IT system core services

Except when they are part of our software implementation specific installations and configuring for Oracle and Intergraph products is offered as separate service. Among others, you can request instalation and configuration services for:

  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle Application Server
  • Intergraph Geomedia product line


We are ready to offer you the following specialized services that are not part of our standard portfolio:

  • Data migration and conversion
  • Integration od your data into our software solutions
  • Traffic flow speed features measurement