Integral part of our service is to enable the use of our software solutions portfolio in the “cloud.” We offer you the option of using the group-specific software solutions as well as services in the cloud – Cloud SaaS (Software as a Service). Our offer currently includes the following software solutions:

If you’re worried about the time limit, or contractual obligation – do not – the service is offered on a monthly basis and can be canceled at any time or you can change the scope of services,
If you care about your data, or that you will lose the possibility of using the program to which you are accustomed to – do not – the data export of your data is delivered to you after service expires, and at any time you have the option of buying licenses for the used software solutions taking into account the more time spent as the user of these services the less you participate in the purchase price of a license.

If you could consider the benefits that your use of this service brings in relation to the classical model of purchasing licenses of software solutions you would conclude the following:

  • No initial high cost of software licenses
  • There is no need to obtain special hardware infrastructure on which to implement software solutions
  • There is no cost of support and maintenance of software solutions
  • There are always the latest version of software, which includes initial training and ongoing support
  • Ensured data protection – backup
  • Investment cycle (financial burden) of the introduction of the new system is equally distributed through the four years.

All you need to use these services is a standard PC with an Internet connection.