Software products and solutions require specialized knowledge and expertise when working with them. Therefore, it is our business policy that for all our software products and solutions we provide specialized educational services. Training service ensures understanding of functionalities in order to use applications as well as technical knowledge to understand the technology that drives our products. Training is conducted in the following technologies and products:

  • Road Management System
Road Management System

Road Management System is a set of specialized software solutions that can be used separately, but their true strength lies in their mutual interaction. Accordingly, we provide our customers training service to work in all software solutions that build Road Management System highlighting specifically:

  • BIP – Infrastructure Data Base
  • OC – Road Maintenance
  • PAUK – Portal for analysis and management using the map

For all information, sign up for the course and available dates please contact:

  • Head of school
  • Katarina Ljubetić
  • Telefon: +385 1 6439 444