IT system core services

We offer various types of installations related to the Oracle database and products as well as Intergraph products.

Oracle database and products

In addition to installation we carry out during the implementation of our software solutions, we also offer installation as separate service. We possess extensive experience in Oracle database installation proven through practical applications at our customers for the next installation types:

  • the simplest cases “stand-alone” base
  • Implementation of standby database
  • implementation of an active-passive configuration of databases (Oracle Fail Safe) over Microsoft cluster system
  • implementation of complex Real Application Clusters (RAC) system

With the installation of Oracle Database we also offer installation of Oracle application servers, especially the version associated with the implementation of Forms and Reports Services. Depending on the needs of the users, we offer the standard “stand-alone” application server installation or configuration of application servers through Microsoft Network Load Balancing mode, in which two or more servers serve requests in parallel, thus ensuring redundancy in the system operation.

Intergraph products

All types of installation and configuration related GeoMedia, GeoMedia Webmap, Label-EZ, Terrashare and other Intergraph products, we will do to your satisfaction.

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