Other services

Data migration and conversion

Service of data migration and conversion involves adapting the data set so that they could switch (migrate) for display and use in different technology than the original format.

Integration of your data in our software solutions

Sets of data that you have collected, received or purchased from third parties we can load into our software solutions to make them available and integrated into a single software solution.

For example, we can carry out the integration of video clips with the address system of Infrastructure Data Base and with associated data to get a unique insight into all available information (video, geometry and data).

Also, after the integration of data, PAUK – Portal for analysis and management using the map can become a central solution through which you will access the data from all your systems.

Traffic flow speed features measurement

This service is specifically tailored for the parties which monitor the data about vehicle speeds on the road routes. Primarily we recommend it in terms of raising traffic safety, but the application can also be spread as input parameters for the analysis of the design, reconstruction or even the construction of roads. With our own equipment (radar gun) we will record speed characteristics of the road route and deliver the same in the format that best suits you.