Road recording

Road recording is performed with specialized vehicles equipped with a set of high resolution cameras and devices for the precise determination of the absolute and relative position in space (GPS, Dead Reckoning, odometer). The result is creation of a georeferenced video footage with the sub meter accuracy of determining position in space. We offer the following types of recording:

  • Spherical panorama shooting or recording or recording space in 360 degrees refers to the service of recording space special system of six cameras covering the complete spherical area around the point of recording. Characteristics obtained footage is that it gives a complete overview of the space in a way that it is possible to look at the entire horizontal panorama (360 degrees), direct view up or down, and it is possible to get closer (zoom) the area under review.
  • Classical recording is the recording of environment with two cameras. One camera is oriented in the direction of travel (front) and the other cameras in opposite direction (rear). The most common use of this system is the recording of the route which gives a view of the road from a driver’s frontal perspective covering both directions.
  • Stereoscopic recording is performed by a special camera system that is customized to provide stereo recording. Application of such a recording is in the precise determination of the distance and size of objects shown in the image. For example, determining the width of the road that is recorded with decimeter accuracy.
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Mjerno vozilo
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