Road management system

Road Management System (ROMANS, hr. SUGOC) represents a collection of software solutions intended for companies responsible for road infrastructure management. The System is scalable and customized for various user levels, from state-level road management, county-level road management down to city-level road management.

  • Completely covered management process
  • Solution modularity – customer chooses the system parts he wants to implement
  • Access through standard web browser
  • Mobile accessibility – get key information on tablets/mobiles

PAUK – Spatial portal

Portal for analysis and management using the map (aka PAUK) provides access to integrated data from various information systems whose data can be visualized and presented in the spatial area; respectively portal enables to view them in a web environment.

  • Intuitive interface
  • Simple to use
  • Access through standard web browser
  • Developed on open source technologies

Vehicle tracking

Vehicle tracking enables its customers active control over their car pool. Information on vehicle movements and its status is reachable in every moment and from collection of reports you can get analysis on traveled routes, zone control, fuel consumption, etc.

  • Real time view on vehicle positions and status
  • Movement/zone control
  • Collection of reports for various analysis
  • Secondary protection from vehicle theft

Mobile applications

Mobile applications are intended for customers who require field data collection. They are designed for “smart” phones.

  • Use GPS, camera, microphone on mobile phone
  • Operate on Android platform
  • “Offline” mode supported

Custom applications

This group represents custom made solutions for specific customers. Usually, these are connected to our other solutions, either technologicaly or by industry vertical. Here you can find the following solutions:

  • Toll collection system
  • Eucaris
  • Technical database

Business systems

Business systems is a collection of software solutions that support business processes generally described as “classic ERP system”.

  • Financial subsystems
  • Specific business subsystems
  • Technical subsystems

Demo solutions

On this web pages you can find the following demos for our spatial portal PAUK:

  • Road
  • Spatial
  • Turist