Development of an Integrated Information System for Croatian Motorways began in the spring in year 2001. The objectives of building the system were:

  • to increase the dynamics and quality of decision-making processes at all levels of management: operational, tactical and strategic
  • to use and implement control mechanisms in the highways management and administration or business functions at certain levels of management
  • to raise the quality of the information above simple data processing, and to stratify information with the interests of the management structure

By separation of the Croatian Roads Authority to Croatian Roads and Croatian Motorways the one project IIS HUC was split into two independent projects IIS HAC and IIS HC, with premise that the basis for the development project is IIS HC. In cooperation with the Croatian Highways personnel the software designers of TEB Informatika d.o.o. and Infosistem d.d. made the upgrade from IIS HC to the specific requirements of the Croatian Highways. Based on the conducted analysis the user requirements documents by each subsystem are made which served as a basis for the development of Integrated Information Systems of Croatian Highways.

IIS HAC system is integrated also with the toll collection system.

The software product is divided into three logical parts:

  • Business System – consisting of the classic financial subsystems
  • Technical Management System – consisting of subsystems that comprise the primary activities of the company – design, construction and maintenance of highways
  • Other subsystems – consists of subsystems that include specific processes and activities of the company

IIS HAC is available in the classic client-server (two-tier) as well as in the three-tier web environment.