The development of Information Systems for Croatian Roads started early in the year 2000.

Building objectives were:

  • information system that will cover all areas of business
  • integrity of the system and the ability to connect to other systems / entities
  • scalability and expandability of the system (functional and technical)
  • reliable database as the basis for the entire system, which must meet the needs of expansion of the system and the number of users growth through the upcoming period

In cooperation with the Croatian Roads personnel the software designers of TEB Informatika d.o.o. and Infosistem d.d. performed an analysis of operations of the Croatian Roads, the business process analysis and the links between different branches of business. Based on the conducted analysis the user requirements documents by each subsystem are made which served as a basis for the development of Information System of Croatian Roads.

Information System for Croatian Roads (IS HC) is divided into three logical parts:

  • Business System – consisting of the classic financial subsystems
  • Technical Management System – consisting of subsystems that comprise the primary activities of the company – design, construction and maintenance of roads
  • Other subsystems – consists of subsystems that include specific processes and activities of the company

The IS HC is available in the classic client-server (two-tier) as well as in the three-tier web environment.