TEBIS system provides an independent and autonomous use of each individual module, but at the same time enables their interconnection, depending on user needs.

The purpose of the TEBIS system is to provide its users accurate and timely information to make quality business decisions.

Integrated business information system – TEBIS – contains the following modules:

  • master data records
  • input and output accounts
  • VAT calculation
  • accounts
  • ledger
  • calculation of interest
  • cashier business
  • fixed assets
  • warehouse management
  • material accounting
  • small inventory
  • personnel records
  • calculation of salaries
  • technical resources
  • road maintenance

Special attention was paid to the technological part of the system where further adjustment of the financial system was carried to allow better monitoring of operations of companies that perform maintenance of roads.

The main feature of the solution is a fully integrated business information system that enables the availability of information to all users, depending on its privileges, regardless of location or access to input data or one-time intervention at the site of insertion.

Business information system TEBIS features ease of use and fast parameterization of the system including openness for further updates and connections with other systems, as well as modularity of the product itself.