Highway toll system

Our presence in companies engaged in the management of highways has enabled us to develop software product specific to the toll.

One of these solutions is an integral part of the Information system of the Croatian Motorways (IIS HAC), in which the toll system integrated with warehouse management, financial system, toll lanes and transit vehicles, the service surcharge via SMS and toll web portal.

Special solution for transaction management, financial responsibilities and printing INA R1 account is developed for Zagreb-Macelj Highway Company. This is a web based product developed using Oracle Apex tool over Oracle database. For reporting an Oracle BI Publisher tool is used.

The basic functionalities of the software product are:

  • Pairing credit card house transactions with transactions at sales points and generation of R1-type invoice
  • Monthly bill discounts realized on transactions passes with CSC cards by groups of vehicles,
  • Reports on transactions passes using Oracle BI tools,
  • Daily report on financial indebtedness of the cashier
  • Report on deposit / surcharge transactions and passes transactions with and without discount for the product “Ticket 20/40.”
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