Road management system

Infrastructure data base

Infrastructure Data Base (BIP) is a software product, in which all relevant data about infrastructure management is stored in a systematic and consistent with the needs of the profession way. Infrastructure Data Base – model for the road (BIP/C) provides terminological and logical consistency of data about roads and technological unity of the whole system, and is divided into the following sections with appropriate functionalities:

  • Data entry
  • Data review
  • Queries / Reports (predefined and parametric)
  • Analysis
  • Video logging

Road maintenance

Monitoring regular and extraordinary road maintenance activities is very important obligation of subjects which manage road infrastructure because those activities spend considerable ammount their yearly budgets. Our software solution gives complete transparency in the mentioned domain, enabling customers to…

  • Record road maintenance plans and programs
  • Monitor road maintenance through management contracts with contractors
  • Easy exchange of data between the Contractor and the Employer of maintenance works
  • Track routine maintenance costs supported with detailed nomenclature of works
  • Use rich reporting package
  • Automatically update Infrastructure Data Base

Traffic safety system

Traffic safety system is designed to support traffic accident recording and analysis with purpose to determine the location of dangerous places (black spots). Based on the analysis of all parameters relevant to traffic accident, corrective as well as preventive measures can be conducted. The system is comprised of following components…

  • Traffic accident database
  • Traffic flow speed characteristics database
  • Black spots detection
  • Reporting package
  • Video logging

Traffic state reporting system

Traffic state reporting system is a software solution designed to enable road management subjects entry and distribution of regular and irregular notifications towards traffic state monitoring subjects. Main goal for development and application of this software is to speed up the transfer of notifications getting this way timely information of traffic state in real time. The functionalities of the solution are:

  • Regular and irregular notifications entry and distribution
  • Traffic jams notifications entry and distribution
  • Connection to road video surveillance systems
  • Statistical analysis of regular and irregular events

Extraordinary transport

Extraordinary transport is a software product developed in order to meet the basic and standard business-information requests for data recording and analysis on business activity related to monitoring fees for extraordinary transportation and issuance of corresponding decisions.

  • Records
  • Reporting package
  • Route planning
  • Spatial view

Axle weight supervision

Axle weight supervision is a software solution designed to support the work of inspectors that control allowed values of vehicle axle weight, mass and dimensions. Software solution supports creation and printing of records about conducted controls as well as calculation of penalties for infringed vehicles. Software solution collects and saves data about measurements conducted with stationary or mobile weighting devices thus those data is systematically processed and presented through analytical reports.

  • Records on conducted controls
  • Analytical reporting
  • Photo review for infringed vehicles
  • Supervisory locations listing
  • Control teams work planning

Management portal

Management portal is a solution based on business intelligence principles aiming at stratified information presentation to high management.

  • Integrated information
  • Easy of use
  • Universal application
  • Scalability
  • Analytical reporting