Axle weight supervision

Pursuant to the Regulation on the criteria for determining the special transport fees and Croatian roads’ decision on the amount and method of payment for the special transport and the cost of axle loads, the weights and dimensions of vehicles control, Croatian Roads implement control and charge fees for vehicles in excess. In order to support the execution of these duties for the Croatian road a software product is constructed and implemented called Axle load, total weight and dimensions of the vehicle surveillance is idle state (NOO).

The foundations of software product form module for data entry and a reporting module. The module for data entry is used to record Minutes of the carried out controls on the basis of which overdrafts are accounted for and thus automatically generate output invoices for the carrier in the case of a legal person, or to the driver in case of a natural person. Reporting module consists of a reports package that provide numerical and graphical displays of performed checks and detected overdrafts according to the type of vehicle, types of axles, territorial organization, supervising teams, the type of carrier, type of cargo, etc.

The technology of implementation is based on Oracle Database, Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports and Oracle Business Intelligence components.
A special module of a software product is used for reporting and analysis of data about the results of measurements of the axle loads, the weights and dimensions of vehicles in motion (WIM).

Croatian Roads conducts measurements of axle load, total weight and size of a moving vehicle using special devices that are embedded in supervisory locations. Data on the measurement results are stored in a separate database. The goal of this module is to provide a software solution able to download data into the database used by the Croatian Road Information System, thus providing an analysis of the collected data, reporting and export of data in various file formats.

Software product described here includes a program for data download and verification including the measurements data as well as photographs of vehicles in violation, alse the module for the correction of faulty data provided by an expert and an application for reporting. For analysis and reporting the Oracle Business Intelligence tool is used because of its advantages such as data “drill-down”, data filtering, dynamic charting, and the ability to export data to other tools with transparent performance (speed of work).

A special part of the entire system is the ability to present a data set about supervisory locations and the work of the supervisory team through software product PAUK.

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