Infrastructure Data Base

Infrastructure Data Base (BIP) is a software product, in which all relevant data about infrastructure management is stored in a systematic and consistent with the needs of the profession way. Infrastructure Data Base – model for the road (BIP/C) provides terminological and logical consistency of data about roads and technological unity of the whole system, and is divided into the following sections with appropriate functionalities:

  • Data Entry – software modules for manual and automatic data entry
  • Data Review – software modules to view certain types of data with the ability to filter and sort according to user needs
  • Queries / Reports – provide information on the screen and print data to the printer. For each type of data it is possible to set the parameter conditions specific to this data. The reports consist of alphanumeric, graphic and spatial (GIS) display
  • Analysis – a set of tools that enable statistical and analytical queries against data in the database, as well as fully customized queries by the user through the Query Builder tool
  • Standard Reports – group of reports that run by the press of a button and provide an overview of certain types of data for the entire network

Although it can be viewed as an independent software solution the Infrastructure Data Base product has integrated software solution to view and analyze data using georeferenced road video records called Video Display (VIP). VIP is a multifunctional interface to access and view data from the (infrastructure) database. Based on the synchronization of recorded roads video tracks and georeferenced road axis it allows simultaneous access to Infrastructure Data Base using three basic components: video, GIS display and alphanumeric data from the database.

There are several models of implementation of Infrastructure Data Base of which the most detailed model is developed for the road, so called BIP/C. Besides a model for the roads we also differentiate a model for railways (BIP/Ž), a model for community infrastructure (BIP/K) and a model for telecommunications (BIP/T).

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