Road maintenance

Road maintenance is a specialized software solution developed for operators who maintain the road infrastructure. The solution was developed with the aim to enable these subjects to:

  • recording road maintenance plans and programs (on a weekly, monthly and annual basis)
  • monitoring road maintenance through management contracts with contractors and tracking contract execution status for each work contractor
  • tracking routine maintenance of roads (ROC) through cost operations supported nomenclature of works
  • obtaining standard reports on routine maintenance jobs
  • complex user queries in a function of analytical reports
  • easy exchange of data between the Contractor and the Employer of maintenance works
  • increasing levels of accuracy (locating works) and the dynamic of the data delivery about the routine maintenance work done from the Contractor to the Employer, in order to have time to take action and implement revisions of funds
  • automatic generation of routine maintenance monthly situation
  • automatically update the Infrastructure Data Base (BIP)

Road infrastructure is accounted among the wealth of the state for what a standard maintenance is prescribed to keep this wealth preserved. Using our software product Road Maintainance you have an accurate record of the position and type of expenditure on routine maintenance works as well as summary indicators of the effect of maintenance through a direct connection to the Infrastructure Data Base at all times.

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