Traffic Safety System

Traffic Safety System is made with the aim of establishing permanent database about road accidents on the roads / highways with built-in possibility for analytical and statistical analysis of traffic accidents based on key parameters of traffic accidents. The application connects the data on the intensity, structure and speed characteristics of traffic flows as well as Infrastructure Data Base.

Traffic Safety System on roads / highways enables us to store data about traffic accidents and their detailed analysis. It is based on a unique system of marking roads / highways that allows precise detection of a traffic accident position.

The backbone of the system is a module “Accident Record” that allows input of all relevant information about the accident:

  • place of accident (locate using relative position and geo-coordinates)
  • circumstances of the accident (weather, road conditions, pavement conditions, weather conditions, type of accident, etc.)
  • vehicles involved in the accident
  • persons involved in the accident
  • damage to roads and the environment that have arisen as a result of the accident and work to be done to rectify the same
  • photos of the accident

Entered data are base for a number of reports and analysis, from the basic listing of accidents under certain conditions (spatial, temporal, and other specific parameters) to the complex statistical and analytical reports such as:

  • distribution of traffic accidents by various parameters (type, cause, speed limits, weather conditions, pavement conditions, etc.)
  • temporal distribution of accidents (at two-hour intervals during the day, days of the week, months of the year)

The analysis results are presented in alpha-numeric and graphic format (MS Excel graphs), and thematic maps of spatial distribution of accidents.

Software solution contains a module for video display that integrates multiple data sources, with the aim of improving the quality of analysis of traffic accidents using georeferenced video records. The module enables analysts to be virtually at any part of the motorway network thus enabling them for the analysis of traffic accidents from the perspective of the driver at the location where the accident occurred.
The module consists of 4 parts:

  • window to view and manage video clips – this window shows the video footage of the currently observed road / highway
  • windows for spatial display of the current position on the map – this window shows the map of a road segment / highway which user is currently “driving” on video record
  • window management and analysis of data from the database of traffic accidents with the following functionality:
    • drop-down list from which the user can choose which segment of the highway wants to observe (the main thrust of the highway, the spokes on the hubs, accompanying facility)
    • display data from a database of traffic accidents
    • calling analytical reports
  • window which provides connectivity to all relevant databases and systems – this is the window provided for connecting to other important systems for a proper analysis of accidents such as traffic flows database, traffic counting database, Infrastructure Data Base, etc.
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