Vehicle tracking

Vehicle Tracking is a software product that enables the display of current vehicle data and allows you to view the history of this data. The above mentioned data are available in two modes: as the table report or visualized on a digital geographic map.

The vehicle is described by a set of data submitted to the central system via terminal device that is installed in each vehicle. The system allows the implementation of path analysis of the vehicle and generating reports related to the movement of vehicles. Insight into the basic vehicle information can be obtained by clicking on each unique label of each vehicle.

The primary components of the system are:

  • Server – installed at the client location
  • The client application – used on client computers
  • Terminal device – is placed in the client’s car

Server application communicates with the terminal devices in vehicles, and stores the received data in the database. The system can support integration with other business information systems so that data are available for use in other applications of the client.

Client applications

Client application has the following functionality:

  • Displays the current position of the selected vehicles and their associated trajectories
  • Viewing the movement history of the vehicle on the map
  • Analysis of the vehicle movement and the preparation of reports for the client
  • Review and analysis of analog and digital measured values measured in the vehicle (sizes vary depending on the vehicle and the installed options of the terminal device)
  • The possibility of using complex maps in Croatia (SGA) and user digital maps
  • The ability to create custom objects and the road of interest for display on the map and for generating reports

The main window shows a map with the current location of all vehicles monitored in real time.
The program can simultaneously display all vehicles on the screen with chosen cartography as a base. Also the movement paths for all vehicles can be shown on the screen simultaneously for a 24-hour period.
For each vehicle the following information can be displayed:

  • current position on the map,
  • speed, direction, altitude,
  • time of the last movement (in the case of standing),
  • state of contact (engine)
  • GPRS connection status,
  • quality of GPS signals,
  • quality GSM / GPRS signal
  • voltage of the vehicle battery.

Additional data can be displayed on a vehicle equipped with FSM bus / digital tachograph or terminal device in the vehicle with additional options (depending on the vehicle and installation).

Reports can be generated for the selected period and vehicles, and contain the following information:

  • Detailed information on the movements of each selected vehicle in a given period and for each day of a given period
  • Cumulative data of each vehicle for each day in a given period and for all vehicles in a given period
  • Detailed information on the movement of vehicles through the defined objects of interest
  • Detailed information on the movement of vehicles on specified roads (for each road, and for each vehicle)
Terminal device

The device consists of GPS and GSM components.
Terminal device (for cars) sends the following information to the server:

  • Position (latitude and longitude)
  • Altitude
  • Speed
  • Direction
  • Weather Data
  • State of contact (engine)
  • Power supply voltage (loss of power signals the disabling of the device)
  • Quality of the GPS signal
  • Quality of the GSM / GPRS signal

In addition to data on the movement, the device can report the following events:

  • Changes in the status of contact
  • Critical state of internal battery
  • ON / OFF power
  • Loss of GPS signal

Internal rechargeable battery in the device enables continuous operation over several hours so that the device is able to communicate even during the extraordinary events like the case of a power failure or when someone is trying to dismantle the device.
Terminal device (for trucks and special machines) allows the measurement of additional vehicle variables using FMS bus.
Terminal device is in compliance with all required technical standards in the EU and Croatia. It has all relevant certifications needed for placement on the Croatian market as well as safe use in motor vehicles.