Oracle is nowadays a leading world company for databases, related applications and services. For development or implementation of our software solutions we use the following Oracle products and tools:

  • Oracle Database
  • Fusion Middleware products (application servers)
  • Oracle Application Express (APEX)
  • Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI)
  • Oracle Spatial


Microsoft is one of largest IT companies, before anything know by Microsoft Windows operating systems. Microsoft products we use for development and implementation of our software solutions are:

  • Windows server operating system
  • .NET framework
  • Silverlight
  • Office products integration


One of leading GIS software provider worldwide. Since 2011. is part of Hexagon group. Intergraph provides:

  • GeoMedia product line
  • Erdas product line
  • Integral GIS solutions
  • and much more…

Open source

Because of its widespread, quality and acceptance, open source solutions today represent excellent alternative to commercial products in development of software solutions. We use the following open source technologies in our software solutions:

  • Geoserver
  • OpenLayers
  • Spring
  • Hibernate
  • Tapestry