Open source

The „open-source“ philosophy followed with usually free software has enabled the end-users more accesible and cheaper implementation of software platforms and technologies which were previously impossible to attain because of high price of licensing. If software platform used to build custom solution is server based and free it is evident that the price of its usage is much more lower than before because end-user pays only the price of software implementation while client licenses are free of charge.

TEB Informatika recognized the trend and started to use and develop its own software solutions on „open-source“ and free platforms. Some of the used technologies and solutions are:

  • Hibernate – Object/Relational Mapping
  • Spring – Java Application Development Framework
  • Tapestry – Java Component Oriented Framework
  • Axis – SOAP WebServices
  • JFreeChart – Java Chart Library
  • BIRT – Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools
  • Tomcat – Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages Implementation
  • nginx – HTTP and Reverse Proxy Server
  • GeoServer – WebMap Server
  • OpenLayers – JavaScript Framework for Dynamic Maps
  • PhoneGap – Mobile Development Platform